The current cryptocurrency market has entered a stabilization phase after a period of chaos and bubble and is judged by many cryptocurrency experts and coin investors. But most investor sentiment is focused on the uncertainty in the cryptocurrency industry, and some investors have made money because of coin investment, but most have lost money.

Initially, the cryptocurrency raised a lot of investments, starting with the blockchain-oriented development plan, but few cryptocurrencies performed as planned. And this eventually led to investors' disappointment, leading to criticism of the cryptocurrency.

NES is a coin designed to counteract this cryptocurrency's misconstruction and is designed to allow real investors to make profits by investing in stability. NES ultimately determined that it was practical to trade long and bring a progressive return on investment.

NES does not emphasize the technical part like most coins. NES is a coin that can serve as a payment. NES will build a payment system for purchasing mobile gift vouchers.and will develop NES's own POS, NFC and RFID. This is very basic to the payment system. NES coin is faithful to the basic technology. Many people regard virtual currency as fictional but make it a coin that is easily accessible to the general public. The ability to use cryptocurrency in real life rather than speculation is a big feature of other coins. 

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